Sundial Vandalism

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Sundials in public parks and schools are often victims of vandalism. The most common problem is the gnomon (pointer) being broken off or stolen. Amazing though that such a simple piece of brass can cause so much trouble to correct. Many public sundials are one of a kind designs and often of early 20th century vintage. A simple replacement is not available at Home Depot. if a new gnomon is found or custom manufactured, then there is the task of how to not only afix it to the dial face (which may be a difficult to maneuver piece of carved stone) but how to do so in a way that prevents future vandalism. 

The story linked below from the Hawke's Bay newspaper details the troubles of one such public dial in Napier, New Zealand. In a short 3 years, the parks department has had to replace two brass gnomons on a beaitiful marble art deco sundial at Napier's Marine Parade. 

After Sundial Was Vandalized
(photo Glenn Taylor)

Sundial After Restoration
(photo Warren Buckland)

Article on the vandalism of the sundial

Article on the restoration of the sundial


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