Antique Wood Plinths / Pedestals

Looking for a one of a kind base for your sundial? is pleased to offer a selection of antique hand carved bases from India. These bases (or plinths) once served as the foundation of a column in old homes and buildings in the desert area of Rajasthan, India. After being torn down, we were able to save these unique items to repurpose as sundial pedestals. Each piece was hand carved by artisans and are 75+ years old. We personally handpicked these bases in India and are exclusively found on 

We have a range of styles and shapes. All of the pieces have a wonderful weathered look to them and some have interesting cracks and crags in the wood. The original color is faint in some and string in others. The wood varies from piece to piece and can be difficult to identify, however they could be mango, sheesham, team or haldo. 

Because these bases were not originally designed for sundials, they do not attach to the base, you simply place the dial on the wood. If you want you could use a metal on wood epoxy to make them attach more permanently. If you have a Rome sundial, you'll notice that there is a small bracket that protrudes from the bottom of the sundial. This bracket will sit in the hole that is already in the top of the wood plinth. Sometimes the hole in the top of the base is just a little too small to accommodate the bracket that protrudes from the bottom of a Rome sundial. In those cases you should only have to open up the hole about 1/8" to 1/4" to get the bracket to fit. We find that this can easily be done with a chisel or knife. 

As these bases are all one of a kind, vintage architectural salvage pieces we do not accept returns on them. They are not new production designed to look old. Before purchasing, if you have questions about a particular base or would like additional photos, please let us know ( and we'll be happy to help.