Cast Iron Sundials

Our cast iron sundials have a vintage flea market find look to them. Heavy and solid with a primitive hand applied finish, cast iron is ideal for informal garden settings that embrace garden art of various styles and periods. While iron has been cast for thousands of years, it became a popular metal for iron fences, garden and household décor in the 19th century. It’s low price relative to brass and bronze allowed middle class households of the time to afford a piece of garden décor that was reserved for parks and estates. Cost remains an attractive attribute to iron today. Iron is a strong metal that will endure in all seasons, however unlike brass, iron sundials will rust over time. Many people like to let it get rusty as it adds an antique look to the dial, while others may choose to repaint it from time to time. 

All cast iron sundials purchased from are gift wrapped and include historical information and instructions on properly setting up the dial in the garden.