Hummingbird Sundial Made From Cast Iron (#2532)

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Beautiful and simple hummingbird motif sundial with the words, "Time began in a garden" Hummingbirds sure have a great PR firm working for them. They're a hugely popular motif even in places 1,000 miles away from their stomping grounds. This cast iron sundial has a hummingbird dipping into the flowers. The motto reads, "Time began in a garden."

This 7.5” diameter cast iron sundial is made by Rome Industries using the ancient art of sand casting. To cast the dial, an impression of the sundial pattern is made into high quality sand. Molten iron is then poured into a hole in the sand that fills the mold. After cooling, the sand surrounding the sundial is removed and the finishing process begins.

Cast iron has been a popular metal for garden décor since the 19th century. Developed as an affordable alternative to bronze, it was the metal that first brought garden art to the backyards of the middle class. While heavy and long lasting, the very real trade off with cast iron is that it rusts. The rust finish in garden art has a large
following and is an important part of the French country and the shabby chic look.

Our cast iron dials are painted with a base coat, applied with a verdigris finish and then lacquered with a semi-gloss to stave off oxidation. To keep your dial from rusting, a spray lacquer application as needed is required. 

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7.5" diameter
Solid Cast Iron
Dark Verdigris finish
While it attaches to all pedestal bases except B109.   
** Does not include pedestal base shown in photo

If attaching to a base from another company, be aware that on the bottom of the sundial there is a threading in the bottom of the dial that is 3/8” dia. which is designed for attaching to Rome pedestals. You may need to make changes to your base if it was not made by Rome.  

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#2532 Hummingbird Sundial
Made by Rome Industries