Sundial Gnomon Replacement - Garden Sundials

Sundial Gnomon Replacement

  • $35.00

If you lost or broke your sundial gnomon, we may be able to supply a replacement part for you. Simply contact us at and explain which sundial you have and the part you need. If you're not sure of the item number, please supply a photo of the dial with your email. If we write you back that we have the item, you may purchase the item here. We'll then match up your order with your email so that we'll know which gnomon you need. 

We'll do our best to find a match for your sundial. In many situations your sundial may no longer be manufactured or was a custom dial made by a craftsmen. If that's the case we'll offer you the best looking gnomon for your dial, but most likely one that was not made for your dial. To get a gnomon to attach to a dial that was not made for it, you'll need to attach it with a metal on metal outdoor suitable epoxy (available at hardware stores) or try drilling & tapping new holes for your dial/gnomon. Basically in these situations you're purchasing a gnomon knowing that it was not made for your dial and you'll need to figure out how to make it work. 

The cost of a basic replacement gnomon is $35. including shipping*. 
More complex or heavy gnomons may be more. We will quote you if that is the case

We have a limited number of armillary arrowheads, rods & tail feathers available too. The basic cost is $45 including shipping, but this also can go up in cost depending on the design. 

All gnomons orders are non-returnable so the more information you can give us about your sundial including photos, the better we'll be able to gauge if we have something suitable for you. We want you to make an informed decision before purchasing your gnomon.

Please Do Not Order Unless You've Already Emailed Us About Your Needs


*International orders do not include free shipping. We'll give you a quotation for freight.