Solid Brass Moon & Stars Sundial 8.5" Dia. (#2312)

  • $95.00

Although the sun marks time, we cannot forget its partner, the moon. “I mark time from morning ’til moonlight.” is the motto on this solid brass design. A favorite design for many years.

This 8.5” diameter sundial is made by Rome Industries using the ancient art of sand casting. To cast the dial, an impression of the sundial pattern is made into high quality sand designed specifically for brass casting. Molten brass is then poured into a hole in the sand that fills the mold. After cooling, the sand surrounding the sundial is removed and the finishing process begins.

The finish is a beautiful hand rubbed aged patina. The finish is hand buffed & polished which will make for variances in the antiquing and patina from one sundial to another and are normal attributes of our artisan crafted sundials.

This brass dial will requires no care to further develop a rich natural verdigris patina finish over the years. Brass does not rust and is a perfect material for heirloom quality garden art.

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8.5" diameter
Cast In Solid Brass
Verdigris finish with aged patina finish
Attaches to all Rome pedestal bases

If attaching to a base from another company, be aware that on the bottom of the sundial there is a small stem/bracket cast into the mold that protrudes from the dial (measures 2” w x .5” ht). The stem is threaded to a 3/8” dia. for attaching to Rome pedestals. You may need to make changes to your base if it was not made by Rome.

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#2312 Brass Moon & Stars Sundial
Made by Rome Industries