Modern Stainless Steel Garden Lollipops

  • $37.00

Our modern stainless steel garden lollipops look great mixed in with plantings, poked into containers, in a vase on a mantel or even used as a modern plant support. Stakes and balls are both made from 100% stainless steel and polished to a bright, reflective finish. 
4 Sizes Available. Each size sold in cases of 6.
We also sell a special mixed set of 6   2 each of the small, medium & large size. 

Small: 1.5” diameter ball x 12.5” height (set of 6)
Medium: 2” dia ball x 17.75” height (set of 6)
Large: 3” dia ball x 22.5” height (set of 6)
XL:  4” dia ball x 29” height (set of 6)
Special Set Of 6: 2 ea Small, Medium, Large