Solid Brass Sundials

Sundials cast from solid brass are designed for year round use in all environments, age beautifully and are truly of heirloom quality that will endure for generations. Purchasing a brass sundial is a step to the past when artisans crafted products that were built to last. We cast each sundial by hand using the ancient art of sand mold casting. An impression of the mold is made into a special packed sand which is then filled with molten brass. After cooling, the sand is broken off the casting and the sundial emerges ready for cleaning and finishing. This may mean polishing the whole dial or adding a verdigris finish with just a touch of polishing on the lettering. Outside, a brass sundial finish will become muted and then after several years develop the natural blue/green patina known as verdigris. If you’d like to keep your sundial shiny, a brass polisher and a chamois cloth may be used as needed.

All brass sundials purchased from are gift wrapped and include historical information and instructions on properly setting up the dial in the garden.