Aluminum Armillary Sundial (#1332)

  • $90.00

This medium sized aluminum armillary sundial is a value priced dial that looks nice mounted to a Rome iron pedestal or attached to your existing stone or concrete base. Item has a tension bold that allows it to be adjusted to your latitude for better accuracy.

The dial is 14” overall height with a 17” arrow length. The time band is 11” wide.

The material is made from cast aluminum which is a nice, lightweight and affordable material. It is finished with a painted distressed iron finish. Over time, the paint will fade and will require a clear coat lacquer applied as needed or repainted.

Gift wrapping is not available on this sundial due to the product size.

*** Does not include vintage plinth shown in photos, but they are available for purchase on our Etsy site

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14" Overall Height
11" Time band
17" Arrow Length
6.75" wide base

Attaches to Rome’s #B18, #B19 & #B26 cast iron columns and not Rome’s wrought iron pedestals. The Rome bases attaches to the sundial using a threaded 3/8” rod that ships with the pedestal base. If attaching to a base from another company, be aware that you may need to make changes to your base if it was not made by Rome.

Click for more info on how this sundial attaches to our pedestal bases.

#1332 Cast Aluminum Armillary
Made by Rome Industries