Wrought Iron Armillary w/Antique Finish (#1324)

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This wrought iron armillary sundial has a small base integrated into the dial design which lifts the dial off the ground for placement in a wide variety of garden environments.  Made from welded wrought iron with a brass time plate, each dial is crafted in a small workshop at the base of the Himalayan foothills.

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The dial is 18.5” overall height with an 18” arrow length. The time band is 10" wide.

The finish is powdercoated with an antique brass look. While this sundial is painted, the base material is steel which will rust over time and develop an antique, weathered style. If you’d prefer to keep the dial close to the original finish, we suggest a clear coat lacquer application on an annual or as needed basis.

Gift wrapping is not available on this sundial due to the product size.

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18.5" Overall Height
10" Wide Time band
18" Arrow Length
12" wide base

Wrought iron steel w/a brass plate time band
Powdercoated w/antique brass finish
Design does not attach to pedestal bases

#1324 Wrought Iron Armillary
Made by Rome Industries